$164.00 NZD


You can get through anxiety and stress- and I'm going to show you how

For less than a coffee a week you will be on your way to freeing yourself from anxiety

  • Learn how to self regulate
  • Understand your triggers and how to work through them 
  • Challenge your Negative Beliefs

Have lifetime access that gives your 27 interactive lessons to finally understand what and why things are taking place.

What People Are Saying:

I had the most incredible ah ha moments through this course. This course offered so much interaction and training that I felt like I had turned the corner after the lessons. There was so much involved it was like working one on one with what was supplied. This is a must if you have anxiety are suffering panic attacks and want to move forward with your life.

I worked with Margarita after my husband had an affair and I felt numb. I cried all the time, questioned myself as to if It was my fault> I felt unattractive, got angry all the time, reacted over anything small. After 6 weeks I had a new zest for life. I had no idea I would feel this amazing, and felt Margarita not only saved my life, but offered so much more than I have ever come across.